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10 best car insurance quotes

Top 10 best car insurance quotes

To 10 best car insurance quotes
To 10 best car insurance quotes

Selecting insurance ranks as one of the least exciting elements of buying a new vehicle, yet it s a necessity that is legal that is crucial, and you ll be glad if you need to submit a claim you selected.

Color even though you may spend hours deciding on the right engine and trim level, which with is likely to come down to price. This is hardly surprising when insurance prices continue to climb, particularly with any convictions on their license or a pricey car to cover.

1. NFU Mutual

NFU Mutual is no stranger to our place for auto insurance, and with first place in all the key categories in our survey, it’s hard to see it can improve. Considering 96% of customers told us they planned to renew their coverage, it seems most policyholders don t need NFU to change much. The quote system could be more intuitive and compact when compared to some of the internet specialists, but NFU Mutual customers prefer to stick with the phone.

Considering there are 300 local offices to go to, people love dealing with NFU Mutual s staff. This is particularly the case when a claim is progressing when communication and client satisfaction is first-rate.

2. Royal & Sun Alliance

It might not be able to topple NFU Mutual, but Royal & Sun Alliance still garnered impressive feedback in our survey. Customers were happy with the ease of purchasing the rate of processing and coverage, finding the process intuitive.

The R&SA also performed when customers opted to call, with employees knowledge coming third and great results. Clients were pleased when it came to being advised of the rate of a settlement progress and the whole experience of making a claim. A resounding 91 percent of customers said they would renew their coverage.

3. Zurich

Zurich s excellent third-place place was bolstered by performances by its call centers. It is far from being a one-trick pony though, posting results within the top 10 across the board, with highlights including a position for product knowledge. Its best at claims handling, though, taking second for the rate of settlements, for being helpful third and fourth for keeping customers informed.

Value for money was great matching the insurance provider s entire position, so it seems like its a bad website holding Zurich back. Motorists place it in 32nd for 33rd and navigation because of its rate of use, reducing the ease of purchase score to 12th.

4. Co-op Insurance Services

Іt mіght bе јust оff thе роdіum, but Со-ор сustоmеrs stіll tоld us thе supplier did a lot right. The website secured place and was fairly intuitive, but could be faster and more informative.

Rather like Zurich, the experience improves, making purchasing policies very straightforward. Value for money was another strong area, along with the rate of claims, but we were told by you employees could be more friendly and helpful. The majority of customers (77 percent) told us they would renew their coverage.

5. M&S Bank

While M&S may often be associated with buying clothes or sandwiches, performance means you should look at the high street chain too. While customer service staff also score well unsurprisingly, its website is slick and a cinch to use. While claims are dealt with speedily, staff are said to be friendly and informative. Telephone ordering could be improved, with the procedure being a little sluggish and unhelpful, but product knowledge was scored.


The sister company of insurance provider Ageas, RIAS allows customers to buy insurance directly from its website or over the telephone. The former is well sorted, with speed of ordering, navigation and the information all sitting within the top four results. Callers are less well served, with RIAS sitting in 26th spot. There are no such issues with claiming the telephone or helpfulness during the process with RIAS back in second place and a strong third for keeping customers informed.

7. Quote Me, Happy,

Quote Me Happy performed very strongly coming because of its online policy process, ordering and the website’s rate s useful links to info. Impressively, the rate of ordering also took place over the telephone, along with second because of its courteous and friendly staff. Seventh for claims satisfaction was a result that is good, and motorists were kept informed but advised us settlements could have been completed. Given the name Quote Me Happy, a 22nd place of value for money is also slightly disappointing.

8. Direct Line

When customers called regarding insurance claims the company thanks to its red telephone on wheels also proved helpful and friendly. Settlement speeds secured it a place in the top 10, while seventh place for value for money in to be sniffed at. Direct Line should make it easier to sign up though, with its process down in 20th place when you pick up the telephone, in stark contrast to its advertising. Staff product knowledge was also a point, but 83 percent of customers told us they would renew their policy.

9. LV

Liverpool Victoria put in a good performance all. This was echoed across telephone customers, where rate, product friendliness, and knowledge were scored similarly by respondents. However, claim handling slid down the table, with an overall score of 13th. Customers felt well informed if the value for money was deemed to be ordinary, and were happy with the calls exchanged, though.

10. SAGA

Saga is a specialist supplier, restricting its policies to the over-50s. Its staff was commended, with high scores for helpful, quick and informative they had been during a claim. While the overall process of purchasing insurance, information and rate was in the top 10, the saga has created a website with a location for ease of navigation. Ѕurрrіsіnglу, Ѕаgа dіd lеss wеll whеn сustоmеrs оrdеrеd bу telephone, falling just below the top 10 for speed and product knowledge. However, customers are a bunch that is happy, with 80% happy to renew with Saga.

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